Peaceful Acres Organic Produce:


Our farming practices are rooted in our desire to provide healthy real food. We strongly believe in fresh nutrient dense food raised by our hands.

Our food is grown using organic standards free of all chemicals and all GMO’s. Our farm uses many sustainable practices to build both our animals and our plants. We use the animals and plants to feed one another. Some customers call us beyond organic.

The animals are rotated on pasture around the farm providing them with new forage, bugs, and entertainment. This allows the old ground to rest and regenerates keeping soil healthy. We plant new cover crops for the gardens and use the pigs to eat the forage, plow the field and dig up unwanted bugs. The chickens follow to clean up what the pigs left behind. Healthy seedlings are added to these beds.

Our seedlings are grown here on the farm from many heirloom and O.P. Seeds that we have acquired through the years from other small farmers. We use worms to build compost tea and casting to add nutrients to feed our seedlings as well as seaweed and kelp for micro-nutrients.

All our vegetables, herbs and perennial fruits and are grown using organic standards and sustainably, without potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or preservatives. Compost is added to the garden annually made from animal bedding materials, manure, leave & vegetables to improve fertility. When needed, Certified Organic raw building blocks and or fertilizers are employed to give an individual plant or pasture the added nutrition it needs to thrive.

Vegetables and fruits are harvested at their peak and offered through our Farm to Table /Door Boxes. You will eat better, save money on groceries, and learn simple and delicious ways to cook farm fresh food.

The boxes deliver the highest quality food to consumers and give us the farmer the stability we need to continue to invest in the farm. Together we make a difference. We hope you will join our farm, who is committed to bringing safe, delicious, nutritious food to your table.


Our Growing Methods:

Our Family Farm believes firmly in the principles and practices of organic agriculture.

  • We use only untreated vegetable seeds and source organic seeds when possible.

  • We grow many heirloom seeds from seeds we have saved and support SSE.

  • We use organic potting soils for all transplant production.

  • All of our purchased fertilizers are approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and come from natural, renewable sources.We use fertility recommendations from soil tests as well as farmer intuition to provide plant fertility requirements.

  • We use no synthetic sprays (no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides) and we only use pest control products approved by OMRI as a means of last resort.

  • We use biological inoculants to combat plant diseases.

  • We grow green manures to enhance soil biology and to protect the ground from eroding winds and rains, especially in winter.

  • We encourage pollinator habitat on our farm by growing pollinator-attracting plants.

  • We recycle all drip tape irrigation plastic and greenhouse plastic.

  • All of our produce is washed with filtered-water. Our irrigation water is free from contaminants.

  • We harvest and sell our produce at the peak of its health and quality, ensuring the highest nutritive content, the best visible, taste and handling qualities and the lack of uptake from natural nitrate pollutants in winter.

Harvest Dates:

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