Peaceful Acres:

Our farming practices are rooted in our desire to provide healthy real food. We strongly believe in fresh nutrient dense food raised by our hands.

Our food is grown using organic standards free of all chemicals and all GMO’s. Our farm uses many sustainable practices to build both our animals and our plants. We use the animals and plants to feed one another. Some customers call us beyond organic.

Our Animals:

On the Farm we raise chickens for eggs and boilers for meat, Turkeys & Heritage Hogs. Our animals are rotated on pasture, We Use movable chicken-coops and movable fencing, giving the animals continuous access to fresh pasture.

We plant fresh legumes and grasses that maximize the nutrients. Chickens, turkeys & pigs thrive in this natural environment. They spend their days eating grasses and foraging for insects under open sky.

The result is incredible eggs & meat. Pasture-raised eggs and meat have a higher nutritional content than eggs and meat from animals that live indoors. They have more Omega-3s and Vitamin A and a rich, delicious flavor that is unparalleled. In addition to a healthy pasture diet we feed daily rations of organic produce and a small amount of Organic & GMO FREE grains. Come taste the difference!

Pastured Pork

Humanely raised our heritage hogs are grown slowly using rotationally grazing year round. They have access to on open pastures 24 hours a day.

American Guinea Hogs are known for especially rich and delicious meat, the flavor of which is accentuated by the wild forage they harvest, such as acorns, wild tubers, grass, and herbs, bugs and the many wonderful organic vegetables they eat on the farm. They receive a daily ration of hay, organic veggies & eggs and a small amount of GMO free grain.

- No GMO’S

- No Antibiotics or Hormones

- No MSG or Nitrates (not even celery concentrate)

Why we support Heritage Breeds:

Did you know that many of the breeds of livestock that farmers have carefully selected over the centuries are in danger of extinction. Like the loss of wild animal species, the loss of our agricultural heritage is not only a shame, it also endangers our human future. When a new disease breaks out or if climate change accelerates, we need the diversity of all our livestock breeds to weather the changes. When every farmer in the country breeds to a handful of bulls or uses cloned pigs, we are all potentially in danger. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy ( does critically valuable work in helping to maintain these rare breeds and help interested breeders bring some of them back from the brink of extinction.