Peaceful Acres:


The best way to contact us is through email. Life on the farm is always busy. In the summer its harvest season and in the winter its butcher season. The farm runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we try and respond to emails & phone calls within a weeks time.  

Questions please email us @ or


Who we are:

Peaceful Acres offers Seasonal Farm To Table/Door Boxes of Veggies, Eggs, and Grass -Fed Meats grown using organic & sustainable methods.  Cup of Change offers direct trade/organic coffee, chocolate & nuts. Together our family unites our passion for good coffee and sustainable healthy foods. 


What we offer:  Farm Fresh Meats, Eggs & Veggies! 

Peaceful Acres offers seasonal boxes of food to feed families. You can choose Veggie Boxes, Meat Boxes or Veggie, Egg & Meat Boxes. The Boxes reflect the season and vary depending on the season.


May through October:  We offer farm fresh organic veggies & fruits from our farm.

November/December:  We offer storage roots from the farm or the choose of farm-made soups. 

Jan-March: We offer veggie in the form of soups made from farm fresh produce and meats frozen for meals and any storage roots left from the year. 

April& May: We offer can goods and fermented foods made from our farm fresh organic produce along with any fresh early season produce. 


Small Meat Box: Examples: 2 chickens whole or cut up. Or 1 Chicken whole or cut up and 2 packs of Pork. Or 4 packs of Pork. 

Large Meat Box: Example 2 Chicken whole or cut up & 4 packs of Pork. Another Example would be 4 Chickens whole or Cut up or 8 Packs of Pork or Turkey. 

You choose the size you need to feed your family for the week. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and delivery meat boxes.  We raise our Turkeys, Chickens, and Hogs on Pasture & organic produce. They do receive a small amount of GMO-free grains to sustain them. Meats are available all year. Please note cuts and variety may vary on the season.  Chickens are free-ranged and average 5-6 lb. birds. Hog and Turkey meats vary but each pack will be at least 1.0 packs. 

in the veggie box and in the fall/winter and spring we switch to soups and canned goods to fill the veggie portion of the box. Meats are raised on pasture and frozen for winter. Hogs are free range grass fed and frozen in cuts.


Eggs can be added to you Veggie, Egg, Meat Box. You choose how many dozens you want to pick up weekly, biweekly or for monthly delivery. 


Orders need to be placed monthly online by the 1st. We deliver the second Tuesday of each month for people ordering$50.00 or more in the Reinholds./Denver Area or $100 in the Lancaster 17601 Area code Area. For Local customers who order nuts and coffee while also ordering Peaceful Acre products, we will have your COC order ready for pick up on your farm boxes.

What is the Farm Market

The Farmers Market offers an online selection of coffee and farm products that can be purchased monthly online.  orders placed by the 1st monthly and will be available to pick weekly or bi-weekly, or delivery depending on the season.

What is C.OC.

Cup of Change roasts coffee that is farmed ethically & organically and is directly or fairly traded right here on the farm! C.O.C products are found online in the farm market and can be ordered 1x monthly. 

All C.O.C products can be ordered online by the 1st monthly and will be available the second Tuesday of each month for delivery with a $50.00 order or can be picked up here on the farm with your other farm products. Local people that only want to purchase coffee. We will email you a date for pick up after you order your coffee. orders require a $50.00 amount to be processed. 

COC was formed to impact all lives the farmer, the community, the customer through the sale of high quality organic direct trade coffee. We use or resources to reach others in need by providing others a chance to find hope. Cup of change was formed to change the world one cup at a time!  We also run fundraisers to help others make a difference in this world.Thanks for asking.  

Farm to Table: Pick up Wednesdays 3-6 p.m. 

Summer: June -October Weekly 4:00-6:00 p.m. * orders due by the 1st of the month. 

Winter/Spring Schedule: November- May (Biweekly) 4:00-6:00 p.m. * orders due by the 1st of the month. 

Farm to Door: Delivery

* Orders need to be placed on the 1st of the month for delivery. We send out a reminder the month prior to the 25th. To join the friendly email reminder please email us. 

Lancaster:  We offer delivery to 17601 area code in Lancaster the 2nd Tuesday of each month with a $100.00 order.

Reinholds /Denver:  Requires a $50.00 order placed by the 1st of the month and will be delivered the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  


Please make all checks both farm and coffee payable to Cup of Change.

Currently, we accept cash, check as well as online payment through pay-pal. 



What about Vacation and Farm Boxes? 

If you sign up for a box and indicate that you are on vacation 1 x during your pick up schedule we will issue you a credit for the farmers market for that week's box.with s program you must indicate upfront the week or month you will not be able to receive your box so we can take you out of that week or months food plan. 

* Please Note you will need to list in the comment section at check out the date that you will not be available and we will then credit you one box for the season to use on other farm or C.O.C products in our online store.