Winter Updates


This year the farm and Cup of Change needed to make some changes so we hope you will join us as we seek to honor God and his people through word and deed.

The new website to order products is
We are very thankful for my brother, Paul Bucher, and his family for hosting our new website and as well as Evan, our oldest son, and Paul for working on moving our products and store front to the new address. Evan will be working over the next 6 months while at college on making additional changes to the store front and the products we carry. Please be patient he has learned this and is doing this free as a gift for all of us and we are thankful!

Payment & Email

For 2017 we are going to continue to use the same email for both COC & the Farm and 1 bank account for both Cup of Change and Peaceful Acres so please make all checks payable to Cup Of Change. Thanks for your help!


A New Vision For A New Year!

For February you will not notice changes to our meat and eggs but starting in March we hope to install the software to offer new boxes of meat and eggs that reflect the season of the farm and offer you the customer a variety of food. The boxes will continue to reflect the seasons and offer your family meat, eggs and produce for the week. We also are asking you to commit to the season. We have split the year into seasons and will no longer offer boxes that you can buy one week at a time.

The last season we tried our best to meet everyone’s needs and in the process we took some major losses. We simply are a small farm and it is not possible to produce food with out some kind of a vested interest or commitment. We do live in a convenience world yet the farm needs support or it will not continue to thrive.

I would like to share one example. Last year the hardest hit came with our flock of egg layers. Our new flock did not begin laying until months after they should off. The heat was relentless and caused our old flock to struggle to produce. By late summer we were trying hard to meet orders and our debt was double what it should have been. As always we took verbal commitment form customers and raised birds on there word. Through the season a number of difficulties happened that left us with a surplus of 12 dozen eggs a week and the customers having to walk away do to a number of unexpected issues. There lives changed but ours did not. This flock is now laying and we are again losing income. The pigs are quite happy with the extra eggs so they are not wasted but this kind of loss through all parts of a small farm will cause it to go under and no longer be able to provide a diverse diet.

How can we move forward. After much prayer we have two options for people. Beginning in march you can purchase real food boxes for the season that offer eggs and meat. Evan is hoping to attach a option to buy more eggs but we are still working on this option. You will need to purchase the box for the season and will get bi-weekly boxes, or 2x month deliveries.

If you want eggs and only eggs you will need to commit and purchase a CSA. Shares begin in March and are for sale now through march on a first come bases and are limited to the flock we currently have. Delivery customers will get 2 dozen twice a month + 4 extra. If you go away we can drop off 4 the next delivery schedule. This is a good fit for both you and the farm. If you want just meat we also have meat CSA packages. To view our CSA for 2017 you need to go to real food boxes and select the CSA tab under it. Please note the farm made changes to how we raise our food and what we offer so please read through the farm page under the home tab. 

Click here for a direct link!

Egg CSA shares are due ASAP. We hope to have our CSA's up and running on the website within the next two weeks. Orders will be due by March. We also started butchering our hogs and will begin to offer CSA 1/2 shares & Sausage packages that can be reserved for 2017. You pay upfront and get the meat when its ready.

We need both your prayers and help embracing our changes. We need you now more than ever to move ahead and honor God. Please let us know if we can be of any help to you. Over the next few months will be sending more emails than normal as we continue to make these switches. Please be patient with us and remember that we are farmers not computer experts and that we continue to learn to live, to love and to farm. With out you we can do nothing but together we can learn to do it all!

In closing I want to share part of the vision of the farm. For 1 box to reflect the season of the farm as a whole. Just as we are made whole in the fulness of God and together reflect his glory the box also reflect the glory of the farm. It’s purpose is to feed a family for the week. It is a gift from God a blessing to both the giver and receiver of the box!

Peaceful Acres seeks to provide peace to its people the giver and receiver of its food!

Our heart is to do what we do out of love. To set up the farm with a heart for God’s people, a desire for peace in there lives, and a desire for clean food. We seek to raise food out of love for you ,the land and animals. We seek to bless the Lord by being obedient in this new direction and the work he has called us to do. In the months to come we will need to find additional help for the farm to carry this vision through so we are asking you to please keep us in prayer. That we will find the right people with the right gifts to help us build on this vision. May he receive all the glory and honor!


Farm News

January continues to provide us with all kinds of weather. The beginning blew in cold and hard. Then we hit a batch of warm weather that felt great but the rain and warmer temperatures caused so much mud that we had to modify the pig pen to be able to get in and out of it without during January without drowning in mud or a least that is how it felt. Many thanks to Stan and Bryce our middle son for fixing this problem.

Another problem we face due to moving the pigs from the field to the chicken house is the fact they drink 55 gallons of water every few days and the faucet is 150 feet or more from there waterer. This means that for know we have to hook up two hoses that we store in the basement ( to keep them from freezing) out and hook two hoses 150 feet to water the herd. On cooled days this is not a joy. We will need to explore a better option soon to fix this problem. We have a faucet at the barn but it runs through the house and can not handle the kind of water pressure we need for the hogs.

Our baby girl pig hurt her foot and has been doing her best to get around. We hope that she finds healing. She is the only girl in a litter of 7. The boys are growing and doing well and enjoying life. Last weekend we butchered our first hog from the litter born last fall on the farm the hog is a bit small but the meat quality is amazing. We made our first set of sausages and pork burger that we will begin to offer in our boxes. You can expect to find fresh heritage hog inside our real food boxes coming in Spring ( March-May).

Another highlight. The farm is using a local Artist by the name of Dave McFalls who is working on the logo for the farm. We give thanks for all that help in the past and present with ideas and logos. We are patiently waiting to see the results. Together we make a difference.

In closing we look forward to a new year and new beginnings for the farm. We hope that you will embrace our changes and enjoy the many blessings the farm offers. If the farm is no longer part of your heart and you want to be taken off our emails and newsletter than please email us. We seek to be a blessing!

The Templin's