Cup of Change “Changing the world one cup at a time! 

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Pictures from the farms we support through the sales of Direct Trade Coffee.

Each batch of Hand Crafted Artisanal coffee was created to impact lives of the farmer, the consumer and the community through the sale of Direct Trade organic coffee.  C.O.C. is the coffee name for our family coffee company. It was created to help meet growing needs in the community. Our high-quality Fair trade or Direct Trade Organically grown coffee is roasted fresh on the farm and offered for sale through the farm (Peaceful Acres) and the online Farm Market. 


COC was birthed in 2005.  After years of working in ministry, we wanted a way to give back. 

We began working with youth inside our house and created a service project to reach families in need. At this point, we were hobby farmers who loved coffee & organic foods. Stan being the science math brain of the family built a roaster and we began selling coffee to fund this project. The revenue was used to create boxes of real food from local farms and delivered to families in need selected by a local social worker. 

The blessing came as we invited kids to help kids. They sold the coffee, and assemble the boxes, put on Santa hats and helped us deliver boxes of food.  That Christmas our eyes opened to the many blessings we take for granted.

We wanted this project to go full circle and impact all lives. We purchased fair or direct trade organic green coffee beans from small family farmers and roasted it fresh offering high-quality coffee to consumers who in return received not only good tasting the clean coffee but understood they helped the farmer and the community by funding our real food boxes.  This allowed our project to go full circle impacting all lives. 

Through these years our family struggled with some health issues so we decided to expand our farm to more than just vegetables & to go beyond organic farming.  We began to establish a customer base who was hungry for clean food.  At the same time, the coffee C.O.C continued to grow and offer fundraisers to help families in need.

We discovered the importance of raising clean heritage animals and not only organic food but nutrient dense food. We began to understand the for more than organic food but real fresh living food filled with nutrients. Through this quest, we changed the way we farm, live. Through this time the Lord again reminded us of the importance of going full circle. What we do affects others. The items we buy affect not only the families we support but our family and the many people that receive them. Will we leave behind blessings for others to receive? 

In 2014 we relocated to the farm to Reinhold's PA and named it “Peaceful Acres”. We continue our belief’s of what we do should go full circle and in being wise stewards of the blessings given to us. Peaceful Acres gives a portion of our real food boxes to help families in need and C.O.C. offers fundraisers to make a difference.  Together we impact this world and make a difference. The farm offers coffee, real food boxes, and seasonal farm products. Come Taste the difference! Real food for real people!